International Gemological Certification

The International Gemological Certification (IGC) has a long tradition of offering superior quality diamonds. We are knowledgeable about diamonds to an extent that makes our competitors envy us.

About Us:

This knowledge and commitment to excellence has helped position us at the forefront of the gemological world. We have attained a prime position in the industry because of our research efforts and synergy with our peers.

IGC is recognized around the world

as a leader when it comes to certifying diamonds. Our commitment to addressing concerns of our consumers is total.

We are also committed to ensuring our customers always get what they want.



We are a large organization that has one lab and in addition, we plan on opening more labs around the world. We offer our customers complete information about diamonds. Whether they need polished, rough diamonds or even if they want to know more about color and clarity, we are there to provide them with all the information they need to make the right choice. When we certify diamonds, you can rest assured it represent quality. We exist to protect our customers and we do this by providing them with all the information they need. Furthermore, we also uphold the finest standards of integrity. This has enabled us to achieve a leadership role in the diamond industry.
We provide certificates only for jewelry with diamonds or gemstones. Our certification clearly informs you about the details of the item you intend on buying. This certification gives our customers confidence they are buying the right item. A diamond’s value is determined by its gemological properties and other factors. Diamonds that look alike can be different in significant ways. Even an expert may not be able to tell these differences. Our certification uses language that anybody can understand. It also gives you confidence knowing it is absolutely authentic. We take our certification very seriously.

At IGC, we strongly believe in quality. With us, you can rest assured you will be able to buy and sell diamonds that are of the very highest quality. We are dedicated to ensuring our customers have complete trust in our diamonds and gems. We are dedicated to ensuring our clients always leave feeling satisfied their trust in our gems and diamonds was repaid in the form of the highest standards of integrity. We are a renowned and leading gemological certification and appraisal service that has earned a reputation for quality. We have also earned a reputation for reliability and integrity and prompt service. Our certification is not only very reliable but also very affordable and competitively priced.

IGC is owned by Fine Brilliant. Our IGC certificates are free for clients who are buying jewelry from Fine Brilliant. For other jewelry, these certificates are offered at very low prices. Certifying your jewelry is important because when you plan on buying diamonds or gemstones, you need to know everything about the item you plan on buying. Every diamond is qualified and given a price tag according to certain elements like carat and color as well as clarity and cut of the diamond. Ordinary buyers just do not know whether the diamond they plan on buying is of the right quality. This is where certification comes in. it clearly provides details about the diamond you plan on buying and hence gives both the buyer and seller confidence they are dealing with the right kind of diamonds. Diamond certification is also important when you need to evaluate a diamond. It offers added security to the buyer who knows they are buying the right quality diamond based on the certification provided. When you plan on buying jewelry, you will enjoy greater peace of mind knowing it has an attached certificate that vouches for its quality. This enables you to get good value for your money.



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